Being Available for the Needs of Man.

When God put you in a place where a persons needs are not being met. Please understand, He sends you there to be the answer not part of the problem.  Listen to the voice in your head, the voice of reason and understanding. He will guide you in the direction you need to go. We all should thank God for allowing us to be the light not the darkness that sometimes comes in the form of help, Have a blessed day.


I’m writing to thank you for the resources here you’ve put together to help those who serve. My father-in-law is a disabled vet and lung cancer survivor, and it has meant the world to be able to find resources to help him pay for everything he needs. You’re really doing a great service for people like him – I cannot thank you enough.

I’m happy to pass on some other pages we’ve found useful, in case you or your viewers might think so too:


Vision of Veterans Supporter


 Hampton City Schools Parks and Recreation.

Vision of Veterans:

Hampton City Schools Parks and Recreation thanks you sincerely for your monthly monetary support of our after school program for the school year of 2015-2016.

Unbeknown to many, hunger is a major problem in the United States. Your donations of healthy snacks for our after school program has been a blessing beyond blessings. Unfortunately for some children school lunch and snacks is all some of them get.

Thanks again for your charitable donations and for showing both love and concern for the children.

Parks & Recreational Staff:

Jeanette and Martinique

 Who’s feet have you washed today.

Vision Of Veterans (V.O.V.) Founder was coming from a 6:00 am breakfast with his neighbor having their weekly breakfast discussing about things of God and Him using people to change lives. While leaving the restaurant his neighbor was discussing the 100.00 dollars a fellow veteran had return to the founder a couple of days earlier. As they turned the corner a homeless woman was standing by a shopping cart with all her possessions eating something that looked like a candy bar. The Spirit of God press upon his heart to stop and give the lady the 100.00 dollars. When the lady saw him she immediately burst out into tears and her knees almost buckled.  V.O.V. Founder said he was speechless and he did not know exactly what to say, because of the gratitude given by the lady and she thanking the Lord for the blessing. Here is the result of their meeting and God’s gift of love and giving. To give to the need of man is God ‘s way of letting you know your purpose. Have a Blessed Day.